2-Way In-Line Wideband Reactive Power Splitters

Adjustable Connector Lengths, -161dBc PIM, 600-6000 MHz, IP67, 4.3-10

112BX-600-6000 is a Low-PIM 2-Way In-Line Reactive Power Splitter with Adjustable Connector Lengths on the splitting side. This is designed to evenly split high power signals between 600MHz and 6000MHz. These splitters cover all the traditional Cellular frequencies, including the CBRS, C-Bands and LTE-LAA. This unique In-Line structure is Compact and can be used without any bulky inter-connections or undue cable stress. The connector lengths can be adjusted from 1.61” (41mm) to 1.77” (45mm). These are a perfect to be used in conjunction to Commscope e-POI system.


  • Wide bandwidth 600 MHz – 6000 MHz
  • CBRS, C-Band and LTE-LAA Ready
  • Adjustable Connector Lengths from 61” (41mm) to 1.77” (45mm)
  • Compact In-Line Reactive Splitter
  • Connects perfectly to a Commscope e-POI System
  • Superior and rugged construction
  • Low Insertion Loss and low VSWR
  • Low PIM, -161dBc
  • RoHS Complaint
  • Weatherproof / Outdoor unit
  • In Stock to low lead time delivery


Frequency Range600 MHz – 6000 MHz
Passband Insertion Loss0.30 dB @ 600-2700 MHz
0.40 dB @ 2700-4200 MHz
0.55 dB @ 4200-6000 MHz
(Over the theoretical loss of 3 dB)
VSWR≤ 1.30 @ 600-2700 MHz
≤ 1.25 @ 2700-4200 MHz
≤ 1.30 @ 4200-6000 MHz
Power Handling300 W (Avg)
PIM – 3rd-161 dBc (2 Tones +43 dBm)
Temperature Range-30°C to 75°C
Weight1.10 lb
ConnectorsIN – 4.3-10(F)
OUT – 4.3-10(M) x2
Connector Adjustment1.61” (41mm) to 1.77” (45mm)
Housing FinishAluminum Body
Mounting MethodMounting Holes
Humidity5% - 95%

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