DRAN / Custom POI System

Innowave RF DRAN System is an ideal solution to combine multiple WSP's for Neutral Host sites such as Venues, Stadiums, Arenas, Hospitals, etc. The overall Architecture of the DRAN System is designed for any combination of SISO, 2x2MIMO or 4x4MIMO configurations. They can be easily upgrade to any number of frequency bands without changing the entire system. Installation is made simple and straight forward. Connector Panels are clearly marked for the Input connections from Radio for each WSP and Output connections to Antenna.

The DRAN Enclosure can be mounted on a Shroud or a Rack/H-Frame and can also be wall-mounted, depending upon the site requirements. All the necessary mounting Hardware is provided for any of the options at no charge to the customer.


  • Reduced space and weight - Most compact, fully assembled DRAN Solution.
  • Flexible Mounting – Wall-Mount, Shroud mount or Rack/H-Frame Mount option
    depending on site requirement.
  • Modular Solution – Each WSP will have their own Tray.
  • Sliding Trays – Easy to troubleshoot and replace combiners if need be.
  • Future Proof – Combiners can be modified to add future bands without changing
    the rest of the DRAN System. Less Capex and Opex.
  • Fully Tested Turnkey Solution.
  • Same Compact Footprint for Indoor and Outdoor Use.

Multi-Band Combiners:

Freq Bands
Part Numbers
600 (B71) / 700 LTE850GSM / 850CDMAAWS-1 /
D903C-1925-2390 (Twin)Port2Port1Port2Port2
D906C-1925-2390 (Quad)Port2Port1Port2Port2
D903C-742-852 (Twin)Port1Port2
D903C-742-852 (Twin)Port1Port2
D931C-1900-2590Port1(A) / Port2(G)Port3
D951C-1250-1940Port1Port2Port3(AWS-1)/ Port4(AWS_3)Port5
D961C-1250-2390Port1Port2Port3(AWS-1)/ Port4(AWS_3)Port5Port6

Hybrid Combiners:

Part NumberProduct Description & Frequency RangeDatasheets
D231A-700-2700-D43Low-PIM 4x4 Hybrid Combiner Module; 698-2700
D231B-700-2700-D43Low-PIM 4x4 Hybrid Combiner Module; 698-2700
D231A-555-2700-D43Low-PIM 4x4 Hybrid Combiner Module; 555-2700
D226A-700-2700-D43Low-PIM 3x3 Hybrid Combiner Module; 698-2700
D226B-700-2700-D43Low-PIM 3x3 Hybrid Combiner Module; 698-2700
D226A-555-2700-D43 Low-PIM 3x3 Hybrid Combiner Module; 555-2700


Part NumberProduct Description & Frequency RangeDatasheets
D301L-50-D43Low-PIM 50W Termination; DC-3000
D301L-30-D43Low-PIM 30W Termination; DC-3000
D301L-10-D43Low-PIM 10W Termination; DC-3000