DCS/PCS/AWS-1/AWS-3 and WCS/BRS/2600-LTE Diplexer / Combiner



  • Splits or combines the DCS/PCS/AWS-1/AWS-3 Bands (1695MHz–2180MHz) and WCS/BRS/2600MHz LTE Bands (2300MHz–2690MHz)
  • Best-in-class Isolation between the 2 signals
  • Very low Insertion Loss with superior out of band rejections
  • Available in DIN, Mini-DIN, 4.3-10 or Type-N Connectors
  • Low-PIM with High Power Handling
  • RoHS Complaint
  • Weatherproof / Outdoor unit
  • In Stock to low lead time delivery

Electrical Specification

Frequency BandsDCS/PCS/AWS-1/AWS-3 Bands 1695MHz-2180MHz WCS/BRS/2600LTE Bands 2300MHz-2690MHz
Passband Insertion Loss0.20 dB0.20 dB
Isolation≥70dB @ 2300MHz-2690MHz≥70dB @ 1695MHz-2180MHz
Return Loss21 dB21 dB
Impedance50 Ohms50 Ohms
Input Power400 Watts (Avg); 2000 Watts (Peak)400 Watts (Avg); 2000 Watts (Peak)
DC Pass Current4000 mA (Typ)4000 mA (Typ)
Lightning Protection8/20S 10kA Pulse (IEC 801-5)8/20S 10kA Pulse (IEC 801-5)
Intermodulation (PIM - 3rd)-161 dBc (2 Tones +43 dBm)-161 dBc (2 Tones +43 dBm)

Mechanical Specification

Connectors:7/16 DIN (D) / Mini-DIN (MD) / 4.3-10 (D43) / Type-N (N)
Housing Finish: Aluminum Body
Mounting Method:Mounting Panel
Temperature Range: -35°C to 75°C
Relative Humidity:5% - 95%
Environment: IP67

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