2.4 GHz WiFi Band Filter

2.4 GHz WiFi Band Filter


511-2400M-2485M-N is a High-Q Band Filter, which pass the entire 2.4GHz WiFi Band from 2400 MHz to 2485 MHz. These filters are often installed in buildings where other services are co-located in close proximity. Outside the band, signals are attenuated, so that all the WiFi channels are passed through.


• ISM WiFi Band 2400MHz – 2485MHz
• Cleans up all the channel frequencies
• High Q Cavity Filter structure
• Rugged Aluminum Structure
• Low Insertion Loss in the passband 1.5dB (typical)
• 50 dB (min) Rejection at 2350MHz & 2540MHz
• Ideal for Wireless LAN Applications


• 2400 MHz ISM WiFi Band Communication
• Used to reject all Out-of-Band Interference
• Rejects all other frequencies such as GSM
• Protects Out-of-Band Interference
• Ideal for high data rate, 802.11b and 802.11g Wireless LAN applications
• Ideal for use with WiFi access points

Frequency Range:2400 MHz – 2485 MHz
No. of Cavities:6
Insertion Loss:1.50 dB (Typical)
Passband Ripple:0.50 dB (Max)
Rejection Band:45.00 dB (Min) @ 2350MHz @ 2540MHz
Return Loss:15.00 dB (Min)
Power Handling:50 Watts (Max)
Temperature Range:-55°C to 85°C



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