Quad 3×3 Wideband (CBRS & C-Band) Hybrid Combiner Array

-161dBc PIM, 600-4000 MHz, IP67


256-600-4000 is an array of four 3×3 Wideband Hybrid Coupler that can used to combine signals in 600MHz – 4000MHz range, including CBRS and C-Band. The combined signal will appear at all the output ports. These are perfect for a 4×4 MIMO System. Each section of the hybrid is independent of each other. These are symmetric devices so inputs and outputs can be used interchangeably. The unused port must be always terminated with a 50Ω Load. These hybrid couplers can be used over a wide range of temperature and environmental conditions.


  • Array of four 3×3 Hybrid Combiners
  • Splits / Combines signals in the 600MHz – 4000MHz
  • Covers all Cellular Bands, CBRS and C-Band
  • Perfect for 4×4 MIMO Implementations
  • Best-in-class Isolation
  • Each Hybrid Combiner is independent of each other
  • Very low Insertion Loss
  • Available 4.3-10 or Nex10 Connectors
  • Low-PIM & High Power Handling
  • Ease of Mounting with mounting holes
  • Weatherproof for Outdoor use
  • In Stock and Available Immediately

Electrical Specification

Frequency Range:600MHz – 4000MHz
Coupling Loss:5.00±1.50dB @ 600-800
4.90±1.00dB @ 800-2700
5.00±1.50dB @ 2700-4000
Isolation:20.00 dB
Impedance:50 Ohms
Input Power:200 Watts (Avg)
Intermodulation (PIM – 3rd):-161dBc
(2 Tones +43dBm)

Mechanical Specification

Connectors:4.3-10 (D43) / Nex10 (X10)
Housing Finish: Aluminum Body
Mounting Method:Mounting Holes
Temperature Range:-35°C to 75°C
Weight: 18.00 lbs
Humidity:5% - 95%


Connector Configuration:


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