Low PIM 3 X 3 – 4.8dB Hybrid Combiner




226-700-2700 is a 6 port, 3×3 Hybrid combiner which can be used to combine any 3 signals from 698MHz – 2700MHz. The combined signals will appear at both the output ports. These are symmetric devices so inputs and outputs can be used interchangeably. It can also be used to split one input signal into 3 output ports. The unused port must be always terminated with a 50Ω load. This hybrid coupler can be used over a wide range of temperature and environmental conditions.


  • Combines 3 signals in the 698MHz – 2700MHz
  • Best-in-class Isolation between the 3 signals
  • Very low Insertion Loss
  • Available in DIN, Mini-DIN, 4.3-10 or Type-N Connectors
  • Low-PIM & High Power Handling
  • RoHS Complaint
  • Ease of Mounting with mounting holes
  • Weatherproof for Outdoor use
  • In Stock and Available Immediately

Electrical Specification

Frequency Range:698MHz – 2700MHz
Coupling Loss: 4.80 dB ±0.75dB
Isolation:30.00 dB
VSWR: 1.20
Impedance:50 Ohms
Input Power: 500 Watts (Avg)
Intermodulation (PIM - 3rd):-163 dBc (2Tones +43dBm)

Mechanical Specification

Connectors: Type-N (N) / DIN (D) / Mini-DIN (MD) / 4.3-10 (D43)
Housing Finish: Aluminum Body
Mounting Method:Mounting Holes
Temperature Range:-30°C to 80°C
Humidity: 100%
Environment: IP67

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