3-Way In-Line Reactive Power Splitters

-163dBc PIM, 600-2700 MHz, IP67


113B-600-2700 is a Low-PIM 3-Way In-Line Reactive Power Splitter, designed to evenly split high power signals between 600MHz and 2700MHz. This unique In-Line structure is Compact and can be used without any bulky inter-connections or undue cable stress. These splitters are rated to be used in extreme weather and environmental conditions. It also has a very low Insertion Loss with an outstanding VSWR at all three ports. Available with different connector options.


  • Wide bandwidth 600 MHz – 2700 MHz
  • In-Line Reactive Splitter
  • Low Insertion Loss and low VSWR
  • Low PIM, -163dBc
  • RoHS Complaint
  • Weatherproof / Outdoor unit
  • In Stock to low lead time delivery
  • Superior Construction and High Power Handling


Frequency Range:600 MHz – 2700 MHz
Passband Insertion Loss:0.35 dB
(Over the theoretical loss of 4.8 dB)
VSWR:≤ 1.30 @ 600-960 MHz
≤ 1.25 @ 960-2700 MHz
Power Handling:300 W (Avg)
PIM – 3rd:-163 dBc (2 Tones +43 dBm)
Temperature Range:-30°C to 75°C
Weight: 1.00 lb
Housing Finish: Aluminum Body
Mounting Method:Mounting Holes
Humidity: 5% - 95%
Environment: IP67

Ordering Info

113B-600-2700-D        — 7/16 DIN Connector

113B-600-2700-MD      — Mini-DIN Connector

113B-600-2700-D43    — 4.3-10 Connector

113B-600-2700-X10    — Nex10 Connector

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